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Model, Describe and Automate

STACKL.IO is a platform that enables you to decouple configuration data, infrastructure and application service definitions from tooling and platforms. It creates an abstraction layer providing flexibility, adaptability and efficiency which is an essential part of the execution of a well thought automation strategy.
Dev workflow

Model your Infrastructure

Enterprise IT environments are composed out of several infrastructure related building blocks. STACKL.IO allows you to model your infrastructure in a hierarchical and relational model called configuration store. The configuration store is composed out of the typical building blocks (environments, locations and network/security zones) and their relations. Each building block will contain configuration data defined as key/value pairs describing their uniqueness.

The configuration store acts as single source of truth and serves as a data lookup system for infrastructure as code and configuration management tooling.

Tree Model
Stack Template Example

Describe your Applications and Services

Stacks are common definitions describing the desired state of applications. Stacks are described with a higher level of abstraction and do not contain relations to automation tools or target platforms. Stacks are the base for a true multi-cloud setup. This allows application owners to focus on the definition of application components, component relations, versions, etc, independently from the underlying infrastructure.


STACKL.IO serves as a central datalookup system for existing orchestrators, infrastructure as code and configuration management tooling. The automation landscape in an Enterprise IT environment exists out of different automation tools each having their strengths and weaknesses at different areas. Each tool has a unique way of storing configuration data in the form of key/value pairs. This forces you to maintain and manage multiple stores, resulting in duplications and making it extremely difficult to ensure consistency. STACKL.IO resolves this by becoming a single source of truth for configuration data.