Docker Configuration table

The following parameters control the STACKL Docker compose deployment in docker-compose.yml.

LOGLEVELSet the loglevelINFO
HOST_MACHINESet the host machine namestackl-agent
STACKL_AGENT_BROKERSet the agent broker typeLocal
STACKL_AGENT_HOSTSet the agent host and portstackl-agent:50051
STACKL_HOSTSet the STACKL host and portstackl-rest:80
STACKL_MESSAGE_CHANNELSet the task message channel typeRedis
STACKL_REDIS_HOSTSet the Redis hoststackl-redis
STACKL_REDISSENTINELHOSTSet the Redis sentinel hoststackl-redis
STACKL_STORESet the store typeLFS
STACKL_TASK_BROKERSet the task broker typeCustom

Helm Configuration table

The following parameters control the STACKL Helm deployment in values.yaml.

modeSet the deployment modeprod
image.pullPolicySet the pull policy for all deploymentsAlways
datastore.typeSet the type of the datastore to useLFS
task_broker.typeSet the task broker typeCustom
message_channel.typeSet the message channel typeRedis
agent_broker.typeSet the agent_broker typegrpc
stacklrest.imageSet the image to use for the stackl rest apistacklio/stackl-rest
stacklrest.nameSet the name of stackl-reststackl-rest
stacklrest.hostnameHostname of stackl-reststackl.local
stacklrest.replicaCountReplicas of stackl-rest1
stacklworker.imageSet the image to use for stackl-workerstacklio/stackl-worker
stacklworker.nameSet the name for stackl-workerstackl-worker
stacklworker.replicaCountReplicas for stackl-worker1
stacklredis.imageSet the image for redisredis:5.0.5
stacklredis.nameSet the name for redisstackl-redis
stacklredis.replicaCountReplicas for stackl-redis1
stacklagent.imageSet the mage to use for stackl-agentstacklio/stackl-agent
stacklagent.nameSet the name for stackl-agentstackl-agent
stacklagent.replicaCountReplicas for stackl-agent1
imagePullSecretsSet the name of image pull secrets to be used by deployments[name: dome-nexus]

Last updated on February 17, 2020