This version is still under development! Latest stable release is v0.3.2


The Terraform handler is used to execute Terraform plans using Stackl.

Variables from Stackl are added to a config map and mounted in the Terraform container. Secrets from Vault are read using an init container and templated to a JSON file. This file is then added to the Terraform container.

Terraform Backend

In this section we describe how to create a Terraform backend config using Vault.

Create the backend config in Vault

To add the backend config to Vault you can use vault-cli. For example:

vault kv put secret/terraform-backend <@file>

With the file:

  "terraform": {
    "backend": {
      "s3": {
        "region": "<region>",
        "bucket": "<bucket-name>",
        "access_key": "<access_key>",
        "secret_key": "<secret_key>"

Add a secret to your configuration

Add this secret to any document that uses Terraform.

  backend_secret_path: secret/data/terraform-backend

Make sure the secret is called backend_secret_path. This way the handler knows which Vault secret to use as a Terraform backend.

The key for the Terraform statefile is added during the job. The name of the key is equal to the stack instance name.


stackl create instance --stack-application-template <sat_name> --stack-infrastructure-template <sit_name> <stack_instance_name>

Last updated on February 10, 2020