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Proxy Agent

The proxy agent maintains a connection over https port 8888 to the STACKL.IO platform and listens to instructions it receives from the process queue. The proxy agent’s primary reason is to forward CRUD operations to the automation endpoints for execution.

The proxy agent can have a tag associated with it ( see Clients Endpoint.
The purpose of this tag is control which proxy agent picks up events generated by STACKL.IO. The proxyTag key ( see section Special Key/Value Pairs for more information) can then be used within the tree structure to define which proxy agent is responsible for processing instructions.


Due to security requirements, development and production environments are strictly separated. Due to this requirement, we have to use two proxy agents, one for the production environment and one for development environment. In order to this, we first assign a tag to each proxy agent defining their environment. Second on our production environment object type, we add the key proxyTag=production and on our development object type we add the key _proxyTag=development. This way any deployments going to the production environment will be handles by the production proxy agent.

The proxy agent has a plugin architecture and uses automation handlers for sending instructions and executing commands on the automation endpoints, see Automation Handler. For every automation tool an automation handler must exist.

Last updated on August 4, 2018