Configuration table

image.pullPolicySet the pull policy for all deploymentsAlways
datastore.typeSet the type of the datastore to useLFS
task_broker.typeSet the task broker typeCustom
message_channel.typeSet the message channel typeRedisSingle
agent_broker.typeSet the agent_broker typegrpc
stacklrest.imageSet the image to use for the stackl rest
stacklrest.nameSet the name of stackl-reststackl-rest
stacklrest.hostnameHostname of stackl-reststackl.local
stacklrest.replicaCountreplicas of stackl-rest1
stacklworker.imageimage to use for
stacklworker.namename for stackl-workerstackl-worker
stacklworker.replicaCountreplicas for stackl-worker1
stacklredis.imageimage for redisredis:5.0.5
stacklredis.namename for redisstackl-redis
stacklredis.replicaCountreplicas for stackl-redis1
stacklagent.imageImage to use for
stacklagent.nameName for stackl-agentstackl-agent
stacklagent.replicaCountreplicas for stackl-agent1
imagePullSecretsname of image pull secrets to be used by deployments[name: dome-nexus]

Last updated on February 10, 2020